Do You Need Sales Tracking Software for Your Business? This Will Help You to Decide!

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If you are in sales, you are aware that sales tracking is the most important function of any business, as it prevents business losses and helps the sales manager to make smarter decisions.  You can have a sales report at your fingertips; you don’t have to make any decisions based on any second guesses; also you can forecast your business based on the numbers which you already have in the report. Having a strong sales employee tracking app gives you an edge when you’re dealing with competitors, who might be still dealing with cold calls and emails. 

Sales Tracking and Its Benefits

The sales tracking system is software that provides clear insights about sales through the data that has been entered or extracted from other reports. Not every sales tracking software is the same, some have general features that can be used by all industries, while some of them have features that are industry-specific and beneficial to specific businesses. 

A good sales tracking software helps you to track starting from leads that are in pipeline, quotes, track your sales representatives on-site, and offers clarity in business.

Let us look into some of the benefits offered by the Sales employee tracking app

  • Real-time sales Insights 

With a Field sales tracking app, the user gets real-time sales insights and it also gives you up-to-date information on key features like expense management, attendance management, earned revenue, client management, the time taken to close a deal, and many more. By having access to this type of information, you can get any sales related information, based on the data available and not on assumptions.

  • Recognizing potential problems

Sales Force tracker helps you to recognize a few problems before they become larger problems. By tracking active sales processes, you can analyze how your business opportunities are carried out in real-time. This helps the sales managers to mitigate potential issues before they turn into larger disasters.

  • Effective sales tracking

The inbuilt GPS in the sales tracking software helps you to see how your sales agents are carrying out the task thereby tracking their sales activity. By doing so, sales managers can get real-time updates about the performance of the sales reps. With the Field Sales management software, you can identify which sales rep is efficient, and which one needs a push.  

  • Benefits sales representatives

Sales tracking software not only helps the sales managers, but it also helps the sales representatives to stay on top of their toes. It helps them to manage their attendance, other sales activities, and they can check whether they have completed the targets on time.

  • Better decision making

This software helps the management to know what are all the activities are outstanding, which will help them to prioritize the task and ensure that no activity has been neglected because of oversight.

  • Track issues

You can constantly review your team’s tasks and certain tasks that need to be addressed by checking the reports available on the app. For example, if the sales team is performing 30% lower against the sales target, you can identify the reasons for under performance with your sales rep.

Features of Field Sales Automation Software

Let us discuss some of the features offered by the software – 

  • You can overcome some of the sales challenges by setting targets, measuring the performance, and equip your team with the right knowledge and find out what the team is lacking to increase their performance.
  • Happisales real-time sales employee tracking app helps the sales manager to track down the current location of every sales rep along with the required information about their daily schedule. At end of the day results matter, and this can be accomplished by the app.
  • By having instant access to the Field Force Automation Solution, you can manage your customer complaints and address them before they are out of your hand. With this powerful app, customer complaints can be dealt on time and rectified before it goes to your competitors. 
  • You can also track your sales rep calls and their messages; this helps you to analyze their efficiency and productivity. You can also view the app, check whether they have met the assigned sales targets.
  • The major advantage is, you can download detailed reports of each sales rep like, their travel report, details of their locations, distance covered, which helps the managers and accountants to approve and reimburse the expense and claims. 
  • When the sales meeting is over in the client location, the sales reps can log in to the app to send their meeting notes. This helps the management to know the minutes of the meeting, which helps them to make important business and sales decisions.


From the above, you can see that sales tracking software is important for all businesses; it can help both big and small types of businesses and it does not matter if you are a B2C or B2B. Considering the current digitalization trend, sales tracking software helps you to optimize the performance and gives you good results. Just give it a try! 

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