Can sales force automation help the Pharma industry in the pandemic?

The Pandemic has hit every industry in the country. The second wave was ruthless and the pharmaceutical industry wasn’t left either. As the country shows resilience in the face of the third way, industries have adapted to new ways of life and have shown significant changes in the way they operate. The pharmaceutical industry is touted to rise again from the ashes to become one of the leaders in the economic charts. Industries have taken to the idea of sales force automation widely and the pharma industry has quickly stepped into it too

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, sales is a big deal. Even as an outsider, one could find pharma reps in clinics and small health care institutions trying to win over the prescriptions of a doctor. Back in the pre-internet era, one could find a rep waiting for hours just to gather a day’s appointment of the doctor. 

Although things have changed dramatically over the last few decades, sales in the pharma industry have been quite a challenge and take a day’s time from the sales team. A Mobile Sales App helps the sales crew manage multiple prospective clients where he could schedule appointments and meet more than two people rather than warming the waiting bench. If you are from the pharma industry, you would know better, but if you would want to know how sales force automation can help during these dire and testing times, here are a few things that can help you with.

Streamline the Sales team

Any sales force automation system implemented in any business has its priority set straight. The app’s primary gift to a business would be to manage, operate and execute sales in a very structured way. It’s not the first time we have spoken about this particular point. Try reading one of our blogs here to help you understand (in detail) how automation can help better your sales team more. 

Reduce cost through digitalisation

One of the most traditional ways of keeping track of business transactions is filling up the filing cabinet. A look at the combined yearly expenses spent on files and papers could put a frown on your finance team’s face. What if you could cut down on such expenses, or find a way around it. This is where sales force automation lends a helping hand.

Adopting a sales force tracker app in your establishment can do a lot more than your average filing cabinet. The app can store every data that you would need to pull out in the near future under any circumstances. Bills received, invoices raised, new client agreements, date of purchases, credit periods, customer disputes – everything and anything that happens between the business and its customers are noted with fine precision and in real-time. Apart from reducing your expense on papers and petty cash needs, it also organises your files automatically and can help you look out for information based on time or customers whenever and wherever needed. If this doesn’t put a smile on your finance team, we can help you with more!

Spotless order & inventory management

Let’s be honest. The pandemic was and still prevails to be a hard-hitting punch to the guts of many businesses around the world. The worst part of it was the inability of the business to have its manpower restored to its optimal levels. Such cases had overworked crew, chaos on the sheets and numbers that mismatched with the actuals.

It is no surprise that small scale businesses adopted salesforce automation to tackle such a dire consequence. A sales force tracker app tracks the inward and the outward movement of goods with zero errors. The user-friendly UI makes the user understand the details on screen more than on paper. Keeping track of the orders that come in along with the location of the order and the expected time of delivery, and matching it with the available goods in the inventory/warehouse gives for proper planning and execution. This way your orders can be executed with precision and eradicates any chance of inventory mismanagement

Tasks & reports automation

Managing a team of more than 5 would be a handful while working remotely, and to think of getting updates and providing them with their tasks is horrific. The pandemic has pushed the management to think out of the box and sales force automation has made it easier than ever. 

Forget spending time on conference or status calls, the sales force tracker app helps you manage your team without having to move from your couch. Assigning tasks and tracking your team’s whereabouts are now possible with the GPS tracking modules and real-time data inputs. This way, you would know what Vinodh was doing at 12:46 PM last Monday! No more spending time on calls, you can now use all that extra hours to usher a new age of sales vibes into your sales reports! Forget keeping up the team’s sales standards, It might even help your team get an extra client or two than be

Workaround pandemic restrictions

The restrictions have been severe in the last few months and businesses were forced to surrender their operations. As businesses were forced to operate with closed doors, and their employees working from home, the major network of the sales team was disrupted and possibly left alone to rot. 

An Sales Employee Tracking App helps manage such situations. It helps the management team to understand the best possible way to cater to the needs of new leads. It helps find people of the sales team closer to a possible lead and can let them connect with them from the comfort of their geographic location. Even more, with the help of an automated sales force, people could get things done with ease.

Let us just put a thought into your mind as we end this long essay. With a workforce management app giving you the benefit of cutting down costs and comforting you sales team, one could use the saved up costs to sponsor them the covid shield vaccine without a second thought.- Give it a thought, but if you are thinking about getting your industry automated, visit us at happisales and we would love to give you a demo!

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