Turbocharge your operations with Field Force Automation: Boost customer experience, ensure operational excellence, and enhance productivity

Field force management is a highly challenging task: it can be especially gruelling since you are not physically present with your field force executives. Many industries have a large deskless workforce deployed across the globe to perform a wide variety of tasks. After all, you cannot run a business with the help of desk jockeys alone!

That being said, there are several things that you need to ensure to streamline field force management:

  • frontline workers maintain excellent standards of operational execution and compliance
  • data is accurately captured in the field and used effectively by the head office to drive continuous process improvements
  • workers in the field are provided with an enriching experience that nurtures and brings forth their full potential

Field Force Automation is a fantastic tool that can help organizations achieve the objectives mentioned above. It ensures greater efficiency and compliance. In addition, it optimizes employee performance and establishes real-time communication between the head office and operational frontline.

Let’s dive deeper, understand what is FFA and the benefits that it offers to your business.

What is Field Force Automation

Field Force Automation is an aspect of field service software that leverages mobile technology such as mobile devices, wearables, and IoT sensors to facilitate bi-directional communication between technicians in the field and the head office. Data is instantly recorded in the back-end, eliminating the time spent on manual data entry and the risk of errors associated with it.

By implementing FFA, organizations allow field force executives to capture and share data in real-time, enabling managers to evaluate, provide feedback and boost performance. 

Advantages of Field Force Automation 

Increase efficiency

By leveraging analytics, you can process the abundant amount of data generated in the field and gain valuable insights into locations having plenty of business opportunities. Route optimization empowers field workers to navigate their territory in the most efficient way, reducing the time and cost of traveling. 

Assign leads automatically

When a lead is captured, the FFA software automatically assigns that lead to the relevant salesperson based on certain criteria like zip code, product, or proximity. This reduces response time drastically. The sales rep receives instant mobile notifications and can access the available lead details with just a tap.

Achieve greater visibility

Operational directors can use FFA to gain greater visibility over performance in the field which helps to eliminate inefficiencies and reward top performers.

Field Service Management Software allows you to see what is happening on the field from a distance with real-time geo-tracking, spontaneous updates on sales activities with customers, or requests for assistance from the manager. 

It makes it easier to track the performance of your sales team members without breathing down their necks. A simple dashboard on the web app provides you with a clear report of all sales reps, which includes what they’re currently working on, their location at the moment, the client they’re meeting, the distance they’ve travelled, etc. 

Build meaningful and personalized customer relationships

FFA allows you to forge longstanding trust-based relationships with customers and deliver an engaging customer experience. It provides customer information and history to your field force executives, enabling smooth interactions with customers. 

The automation tools are often identity-driven: they can identify past track records, touchpoints, and communication history, helping your field force executives to better plan their approach to customer service.

FFA software can provide notifications to the customer about shipping status, delays, etc. to make sure the customer is informed throughout the entire process. To put it simply, it helps customers identify and relay their requirements accurately, allowing you to better serve your customers.

This kind of directive and administrative software improves communication and shows both the customer and the home office more about what is needed and what the company can do to serve a particular client well.

Nurture the well-being of your employees

A seed does not grow into a tree, simply because of your desire to eat its fruit. It needs healthy soil, manure, sunlight, water, and active nourishment from your side to blossom into a full-fledged tree.

The same holds true for your field force employees. You need to create a positive, uplifting atmosphere in which your field force employees can thrive. FFA technology enhances employee engagement in several ways.

It allows organizations to create a knowledge repository of field workers’ expertise and enables employees to upskill quickly. If any of your frontline workers leave the workforce, their expertise can be preserved and used by newcomers in the organization.

Field force automation solution also empowers frontline workers to execute tasks, communicate and collaborate with greater effectiveness, saving them valuable time and providing them with a frictionless experience.

Using FFA software, organizations can transform frontline operations into a fun-filled process and enhance employee involvement. You can recognize and celebrate individual achievements, offer personalized feedback, and set performance incentives to bolster employee spirit. 

In a nutshell

Looking for robust FFA software to turbocharge your field force operations? We’ve got the perfect solution for your needs.

Happisales is a neat and elegant field force engagement platform that allows you to perform sales, collection, order, and service in a synchronized way. Using Happisales, you can log customer data effectively, avail push notifications based on tasks performed in the field, and track the journey of your field executives in real-time.

It is a progressive solution that automatically plans the best travel route based on the location of meetings and generates actionable customer insights, enabling your field reps to create meaningful customer experiences. 

Designed to enhance collaboration between managers and field reps, Happisales allows managers to assess and maximize the performance of field executives. In addition, it simplifies attendance tracking as well as order management enabling you to optimize field force activities. 

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to our experts and schedule a free demo today!

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