Find Out How Sales Force Automation Application is Key to Retail Success

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Sales force automation (SFA) is becoming popular and has been accepted widely by global sales organizations; the emergence of mobile phones has paved the way for deploying the services across industries. The sales funnel has undergone a massive change over the last decade and the usage of mobile applications in the field of Salesforce automation has been widely accepted by retailers. One of the major challenges which we face today is deploying SFA in the retail sector. Using Salesforce automation software removes the time-consuming process; but it allows the necessary tasks that are associated with selling by freeing the sales reps time from repetitive, redundant chores by enabling them to concentrate on the sales.

What is sales force automation?

SFA can be considered as an automated process that incorporates several parts of the business process starting from contacting the client to handling sales estimates and many more. In simple words, field force automation connects every component of business and allows a constant flow of information through various channels that would require conceptualization with different levels. Salesforce Automation in business can be used for the effective functioning of the organization.

What are the current challenges in the Retail industry?

Let us look at the few challenges that are faced by the retail Industry –

1. If you take the traditional retail organization, there won’t be any adequate data available to them, when you want to analyze trends or events to forecast sales strategies.

2.One of the major challenges of sales organizations is that if it fails to adjust to the latest technologies, it cannot compete in the long-term.

3. As per recent research, it states that 81% of organizations are not satisfied with their sales targets and revenue. These findings show that several factors are a hindrance and block the companies from achieving success.

4. The traditional method used by businesses lacks innovation and promotional goals because of the lack of using advanced tools in the business. Just 3% of retailers are actively using digital tools.

Importance of Sales Force Automation apps for Retail / FMCG Industry

Let us find out how Sales Force Automation can benefit the retail / FMCG Industry

  • Salesforce automation is deployed by retail companies to automate and streamline their sales activity like inventory management, sales monitoring, order processing, which helps in maximizing sales.
  • Using SFA, retail companies can identify sales tasks and activities related to sales. This can be used by the retail sales team or FMCG companies to achieve better sales targets.
  • You need to have a clear strategy to put the right product at the right time and in the right place. Suffice to say, a company using SFA empowers the sales team and helps them in preparing the task objectives and promotions that will improve sales growth.

Why should the Retailers need to go for SFA?

SFA software can be used to manage sales forecasting, maintaining, and streamlining the business. Retailers can integrate the SFA software in their business in several ways; Field sales tracking software helps the retailers to deliver multiple benefits along with good ROI.

Let us review a few features of SFA and its services to retailers that helps them to increase revenue generation –

  • Boosts revenue

By automating lead generation and its conversion, it enhances the productivity levels. SFA automation software decreases manual operations and helps in increasing revenue generation. 

  • Offers Lead resources

SFA software offers a full set of visual and graphic tools that helps in data analysis. The software provides accuracy in market trends and in turn gives the retailers precise forecasting solutions that are needed in critical decision making. Simply put, SFA software can offer retailers genuine leads and resources for their marketing campaign.

  • Enables custom notification system

By implementing SFA software, the retailers need not worry about stock and inventory management as it provides a custom notification system, just in case the stock and inventory levels fall below the critical values. It helps in expediting automated solutions among distributors, retailers, and stakeholders.

  • Boosts Marketing campaigns

SFA serves as an important point for aggressive sales marketing campaigns. After deploying the SFA software, there is no need for retailers to use any manual or external efforts to boost the campaign. The software offers various levels of automation in inventory, customer data, and data entry, which in turn ensures higher profits and sales.

  • Improves customer satisfaction

SFA software helps in handling higher customer satisfaction levels which help in customer retention. It removes delivery delays or wrong deliveries; also it helps the retailers to manage their customer queries in a very effective manner. The ultimate goal is to provide the best class service to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Easy access to Data

Sales force tracker helps effectively to keep work-related emails in a centralized location; by doing this, it helps in accessing any data related to transactions or products anytime. It also provides easy tracking solutions regarding the business workflow; aside from this SFA software offers easy management of modules and passwords, which in turn increases the overall productivity levels of the retailers.

  • Precise and Accurate Report Generation

With the implementation of Field Service software, you can get detailed reports in terms of opportunities, sales figures, customer complaints, sales activities, metrics, etc. In simple words, we can say that SFA helps the retailer by offering the required statistics and reports in real-time. These real-time reports will surely help the retailers in improving their sales and revenue.

Final words

Using new tools and technology like sales force automation software in an organization ensures high productivity in sales and offers real-time sales data which enables the organizations to make faster business decisions. SFA provides real-time and accurate sales updates, which helps the retailers to boost their sales productivity and their revenues. 

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