Is ‘Happisales’ the comprehensive field force engagement platform your business needs?

Regardless of how much the digital revolution has transformed consumer purchasing behaviour; certain things will continue to demand the active presence of humans. For example, when selling insurance, many of us prefer to speak with a human rather than a bot. We feel at ease chatting to a real creature in person, asking questions and nodding along. Some firms cannot survive in the absence of a field force. It is critical that they go door to door. Field sales has advantages and it also has disadvantages.

Diversions are much too prevalent and thorough monitoring and tracking of your field sales reporting typically determines its success or failure, especially when you consider the number of resources going into fueling your field sales, aside from time. This covers the ongoing expenditures of fueling up field cars, as well as many others such as phone bills, meal bills, marketing material prices, and so on.

Field force automation is a subset of management of workforce and this involves – tracking field sales, scheduling, dispatching people, ensuring safety standards are followed, and controlling field personnel’s real activities. The administration of other components on-site, such as inventory control, billing, and personnel systems, must then be merged with all of these aspects. Customer dissatisfaction, poor productivity, and unsafe circumstances can all result if adequate field force management is not implemented.

Because there are so many aspects in field sales reporting, many companies are increasingly preferring to use the cloud and sales force automation software to keep track of everything and guarantee everything works well. Apart from this, typically an automated system also doubles down as a backend software that will often be available in both mobile applications and computer devices. Cloud services facilitate the collection, analysis of massive volumes of data, and thus making managing field staff easier.

About happisales

Happisales is a (an end-to-end) comprehensive field force engagement platform for field sales people, supervisors, field force manager, and higher management. The software was created with the express purpose of improving the day-to-day lives of field executives, and with our expertise in producing over 100 digital products, we did it correctly by focusing on usability, security, and scalability. Happisales frees up the salesperson’s time by automating reporting and administrative responsibilities. By gathering relevant data, Happisales field sales reporting engine assists field force managers and heads in identifying hidden opportunities and correcting problems before they occur. Happisales covers field sales executives’ end-to-end operations and assists them in increasing their productivity by reducing administrative work and closing more sales by better managing their client interactions.

 Benefits of using the happisales platform

Now that we know a few things about field force management, let us look at the benefits of using the Happisales platform to manage the sales force. The software is designed with care to help field executives to work on what they set out to do for the day!

1. Transparency in the organization

Integration of back-end services with user-friendly software for field staff can enable businesses and employees to readily communicate about any concerns that may arise in the field. Businesses that have implemented a field sales reporting system can rest assured about accessing reports at any point in time and anywhere. Having instant access to reports helps sales personnel on the ground to make changes to marketing strategy, understand metrics and optimize their sales agenda to convert clients into customers.

As a business, having transparency in all forms, be it reports or status of tasks, inventory, client closures etc also helps the employees have better faith in the business. This also enables better communication between the headquarters, the departments across the organization and the staff on the ground.

 2. Management at a push of a button

 With the data available at the push of a button, a field force manager can get an idea about where his team is or what clients they are talking to, and so many details. Even the management at a company’s headquarters sitting in another city or country can be aware of the status of the tasks. Field force managers using the field sales management software like happisales can analyze the field services that need to be carried out. This increases transparency and better management of resources.

 3. Identification of problems and materializing solutions

By using the sales force automation software such as happisales, organizations can quickly identify problems and reduce repeated service calls. This also allows organizations to implement guided resolution steps such that it will not affect productivity and continuity of business.

 4. Highly customizable

Field sales reporting software like happisales are very customizable and you can pick and choose the features you want to add to manage your organization. Not all businesses are the same, each one has its unique needs and demands, so such sales force automation software can be customized according to your needs.

 5. User friendly

Needless to say, field force management software is pretty simple to use that even your staff at the end of the supply chain will be able to pick it up very quickly. You can think of arranging a session for your staff to acclimatize them to the features of the software and how they can use it.

6. Real-time tracking

Organizations can use field force tracking apps to track where staff is, where the company’s vehicles are, but also what tasks are being worked on at any given point in time. Payments can be processed immediately via the app instead of the staff needing to get back to the office to finish the billing. Tracking can also be done to identify any specific problems affecting the staff’s productivity so that they can be resolved sooner rather than later. Be it sales, collection, order or service, Happisales lets your field executives log data effortlessly. Set discipline right in your field activities by streamlining their tasks. The software is designed in such a way that it simplifies tasks for your field force and paves way for swift communication.

  • Live-track the journey of all your field executives     
  • Push notifications based on activities and tasks performed in the field 
  • Works even without internet access
  • Gain better customer insights

7. Better customer engagement

With this sales force automation software, your field executives won’t miss out on appointments. Enable them to achieve better reach, better engagement and thus achieve better results! Happisales allows the field force to set a visit/call appointment/task by themselves and their peers automatically and sync them in their work calendar. Happisales provides loads of features that help field executives to reach their customers effectively and push themselves to achieve more.

8. Create a motivated team

Happisales appreciates the work done by the field executives by acknowledging their personal achievements and notifying the same to their respective Team lead. The field force management software improves visibility for the field force which in turn helps them learn and perform better!

  • Individual appreciation
  • Set incentives 
  • Let individuals know where they stand in the team based on targets
  • Personalized reports

9. Measure and track your teams’ progress 

Progress tracking helps build better relationships and increases productivity! The field sales reporting software measures 15 parameters relevant to your field executives and monitors individual as well as their team’s progress for those parameters. Understanding the capabilities of each and every field executive helps in bringing out the best in them. Happisales provides researched information using data and facts gathered about each and every individual. This helps our field force tracking solution to create a better relationship between the field force manager and the executives.

  • Set clear targets for the field executives and track them easily
  • Get progress reports of individuals and team
  • Get customizable reports on customers 
  • ML-based suggestions

Now that you’re pretty aware of the features of the platform called Happisales, why not schedule a demo pronto and get things rolled out as per your convenience!

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