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Improving sales efficiency requires a well-designed automated sales procedure. The procedure aids in reducing lead times and the increase in output. The automation of the sales process also makes it easier to provide real-time data reports, ensuring strong data visibility.

As a result, the organization can make timely and suitable business decisions, resulting in commercial success. But right now, many manufacturers rely on manual systems to carry out sales operations, which results in higher costs and lower sales volumes.

Today, we’ll look at how we used Happisales Salesforce to empower a worldwide manufacturer by creating a tailored solution to automate their sales process.

About the Client

The client we dealt with is one of the country’s oldest and most famous corporate companies – India’s major maker of bathroom items. The company rebranded as the ‘Always in Fashion’ brand, emphasizing its commitment to providing clients with the most innovative and visually pleasing bathroom solutions. 

They are a highly trusted and leading trend-setters in the market, dedicated to offering world-class bathroom solutions. It has the highest quality standards & outstanding design through best-in-class customer service.


To oversee sales from the General Trade channel, the company maintains sales personnel stationed across India. The customer wanted us to create a system that would help them automate their sales process. 

However, the lack of a solid field force automation solution proved a barrier to efficiently managing and increasing GT sales. That’s when they began searching for an SFA solution that would have all of the following features:

  • The area sales executives are in charge of capturing daily orders.
  • New outlets can be added simply from the app.
  • Following up on the ASMs’ market trips.
  • A configurable and dynamic dashboard for tracking sales and ASE productivity.


  • The organization has a strong secondary sales force to meet with customers daily. 
  • Advancing the cycle and updating sales data is a huge challenge for both main & other sales teams.
  • The time & money spent on paper-based communication such as reporting, manual call reports, and other sales-related task updates were excessive. 
  • It has resulted in lower employee productivity, efficiency & a longer sales cycle overall.

The customer wanted a multi-tenant mobile application that would allow Sales Teams and Management to ‘digitally’ manage the full sales process and save time on email, paperwork, reporting, and status update meetings or calls.


Our client conveyed that they were looking for a top mobile application development company in India to assist their field sales executives with an Android app that would allow them to reach out to customers with ease while also allowing them to update sales data from anywhere, at any time. 

In addition, the app should allow them to send their final report while on the go. We discussed the project’s data with the team and devised a wireframe for an Android app to automate and track sales force activity.


Happisales is a simple, easy-to-use, safe, and powerful mobile and web application that we designed based on discussions with the customer and wireframe approval. 

The live monitoring Android App for sales executives allows them to digitize the entire process. In contrast, the web platform for senior executives allows them to track all of their salespeople’s daily activities and sales closures in real-time and empowers real-time Punch-In and Punch-Out for call entries with Geo Tagging and Timings for field sales executives.

The program automates sales reporting and effortlessly interfaces with the client’s data systems. The tool also combines all major parts of everyday sales activity into one mobile app, allowing field sales executives to use it as a 24/7 personal digital assistant while out meeting with consumers. 

The web app is highly beneficial for sales managers because it allows them to track the activity of field force members who are out on customer visits utilizing a real-time tracking tool. The Android Field Assist App may be used offline, and data is saved as cookies and updated to the backend once internet connectivity is restored.


  • Increased Productivity in Sales.
  • Time reduction to accomplish a manual task.
  • Improved efficiencies in order processing.
  • Sales team efficiency, order volume, retailer information, and high-selling models were visible on an interactive and intelligent dashboard.
  • It significantly improved the sales force’s discipline and process compliance.

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