Field Sales Automation – 5 Reasons Why It Is Critical for Your Sales Success

field sales tracking application

Sales is one of the most critical fields of any enterprise and there are countless challenges faced by the sales team. The most common of all are access to real-time sales data and getting field sales executives involved or keeping motivated.

Here are some of the other challenges field sales executives and enterprises face every day.

  • Managing dispersed workforce
  • scheduling and managing tasks for sales executives
  • Capturing and submitting sales data on a daily basis in CRM
  • Monitoring field sales data accurate through a single window
  • Managing overall sales operations
  • Efficient workforce performance tracking 
  • Enabling faster decision making

Executives out for day-to-day field sales activities face the mammoth task of meeting customers, selling products/service, collecting feedback/insights and updating the respective sales data in CRM at the end of day. On the other hand, the sales managers have to track the data updated by reps to evaluate their performances. 

The entire process is time-consuming and impacts the overall sales cycle’s efficiency. 

To achieve maximum ROI and accelerate productivity, automating the entire process is the best way as this simplifies the jobs of both the sales force and managers. Automation not only helps the entire sales team acquire real-time data throughout the process but also keeps the workforce motivated.

Motivate workforce, really? You would wonder how this automation will help. Here’s the answer

Sales force can use the complete list of customers from the mobile app, can plan the customer meetups without any discomfort, can send expense reports instantly, can submit end of the day reports on the go. This simplifies their day-to-day chores and keeps them motivated. 

And, this is the reason why smart enterprises are investing in Field Force Automation Solution

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The Growth of Field Sales Automation

According to a report from Market Research Future, the field sales automation market is expected to surge to 8 billion USD by 2023. From the report, it is evident that field sales automation solutions are embraced by most enterprises as they improve productivity and ROI of the business. 

(Source: Market Research Future)
(Source: Market Research Future)

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why enterprises should invest in field sales automation to overcome these challenges and improve their sales cycles. 

Real-time sales data simplifies field sales operations

Field sales professionals spend the better part of their days in the field. Having easy, remote access to timely and critical customer and sales information allows them to work with real-time data and update the to-be visited customer’s feedback/concerns immediately, rather than wait until they’re back in the office. This enables the managers to effectively track data through the sales funnel. 

With such ease of access to customers’ information like customer details, product portfolio, etc. during a planned visit will simplify the tasks of a sales rep and will enable to delight customers.

This, in turn, keeps them motivated, resulting in improved productivity. 

Ensures better customer experience

Thanks to sales automation, managers and field force can track and analyze customer orders history to help improve prospects. Past sales information can help better understand customers’ demographics, order patterns and preferences. 

This can help them better deal with the present leads. And this powerful information can help marketing teams to create better campaigns to generate prospects.

Enables smart time management, productivity

By automating manual tasks such as data entry and data maintenance, organizations can create more than one month of selling time each year for each rep. 

Further, the automated system helps sales reps in organizing and tracking collections, pending payments and returns, and thereby provide better sales reports.

With a good Field Sales Mobile App, managers and sales reps can create and keep track of their appointments and get auto-reminders. GPS enablement allows the field salespeople to save time in reaching their destinations on time.

Enables faster decision making

With automation, organizations can ensure that field sales data rolls up to management in real-time, flagging issues before a negative impact. Managers can spend more time in helping work through issues rather than asking questions. This will help make sales reviews more effective, as well as improve trust and relationships.

Having the best field force automation software means marketing and sales activities being fully aligned and driving actionable results for the sales force to follow-up on. 

Having access to collaboration tools enables field salespeople to tap into collective intelligence and customer insights across the whole organization. They can spot, capture and qualify a lead faster and pass it on to the right sales channel.

Enables to foresee sales data for improved efficiency

Use of field service management App helps understand past and current sales trends, even while having a clear view of opportunities in the pipeline. Using this powerful, comprehensive data sales teams can make reliable forecasting of future sales providing the management better insight into the revenue pipeline.

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