Field sales app: Drive your sales team better with a goal-driven approach

Be it your life or business, if you don’t have goals defined, then chances of your failure are high. Goals are fundamental for any company to achieve and progress further in business.

Every department will have specific goals and milestones (cluster of goals) to achieve for a quarter. And, every employee will have a plan defined for every week to reach the common goal and milestone.

Similarly the sales team has some definite goals to achieve and help the company perform and progress better.

Goals are defined for every sales staff to motivate, inspire and perform better. In fact, goals steer the sales team in the right direction.

So, no denying the fact that setting up goals for the sales team is a fantastic idea.

But, the buck doesn’t stop here.

What if you don’t have a proper mechanism to track the goals? 

The answer is simple. You won’t be able to make any progress at all as you don’t have any data about employees’ performance.

There is no point in setting up such goals that can’t be tracked.

So, if you have set goals for the sales team you need a robust tool that can help you (and the staff) to track and analyze their performance to improve in the future.

Most companies set up goals but fail to track the performance against the goals due to the lack of proper mechanisms, leading to a rapid decline in growth.

Remember, goals help companies boost employee performance and improve their morale by awarding them for achievements. 

If you’re facing the challenges of setting up goals and tracking the same for improving the business, this post is for you.

It will help you with a solution to set up goals for your sales team that enables you to track, analyze and celebrate the performances of employees.

Meet the #1 solution – Field sales application

While many solutions can simplify the process of tracking goals for monitoring employee efficiency, can’t miss the role of field sales applications.

The field sales management software plays a meaty role in companies that deal with field sales executives who are out to meet customers daily.

The app helps sales managers set goals and drive the teams toward them. The common goals shared between the executives motivate them to perform better and improve their efficiency.

It’s super easy to set up goals in the app, and both field sales executives and sales managers can track and monitor the progress now and then to plan for improvement.

Why field sales app for driving the sales team with specific goals

Makes goal clear and visible to everyone

The sales managers can set up goals for every sales executive on a day-to-day or monthly basis.

The goal details are visible and clear to everyone involved in the process, and tracking the progress won’t be backbreaking for both the manager and executive. As the field sales personnel can track his own goals, he can adjust and accelerate the efforts to meet the goals if he feels he is far behind.

So, even before a manager questions him, he can up his pace to improve his efficiency, and so does everyone on the team. In case of discrepancies and deviations from the goals, the managers can intervene and suggest improvements to help the executives to reach goals on time without hassle.

Expedites sales cycles with real-time data transfers

With legacy systems, the field sales staff must collect and update everyday work data by the end of the day, which consumes a lot of time. Often this leads to delayed cycles and missed milestones. To avoid this, implementing a field sales app can do wonders for the business.

As the application enables the field sales team to share and update data from anywhere and anytime, they don’t have to wait until the end of the day, and updating the information is simple by just clicking the button on the mobile app.

With this approach, the entire sales cycle is expedited, leading to meeting the goals and milestones on time without any hardship.

Boosts employee morale by awarding for achievements

The best way to improve an employee’s performance is to celebrate and reward him with awards. Without any relevant data about his performance, this is completely impossible.

But, with a field force manager app installed on the field sales executive’s device, the activity log can be updated to the CRM every now and then, making the jobs of the sales manager easier to track and analyze the employee’s performance before rewarding him.

As they have accurate data, celebrating an employee’s achievement won’t be a challenge. Awarding the right employee will be a breeze and helps improve the morale of the achiever and inspires other staff to perform better.

Simplifies decision-making to accelerate growth

Having a field force automation solution will help you track, monitor and analyze employees’ goals and predict future trends to plan for improvements. With data, you have the power to make analyses and planning ways for improvements. Legacy systems won’t fit this purpose and bill.

The complicated decision making process will be simplified with a massive volume of real-time data obtained via field sales application.

Brings everyone together to work as a team

When the entire sales team shares a common goal, reaching success won’t be a distant dream. With everyone connected through real-time data, getting in sync and working together is highly possible to reach the milestones.

Working as a team constantly improves efficiency, sales, customer experience, and business growth.

Finally it’s time to act

If your business is struggling to set and track goals for the sales team, then it is high time to rethink your strategy. Adding field sales applications to your current strategy will help your entire sales team to boost their performance and efficiency.

Give your sales team the best-in-class field sales application and allow them to contribute better and quicker.

If you’re still not convinced that a field sales application can take your sales team’s performance to the next level, explore the features.

Want to give it a try? We bet you’d love it.

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