Ways your business can benefit from an Android Employee Tracking App

Employee Tracking App

The best and successful businesses around the world are often identified by three significant key indicators – Brand Value, Its omnipresence and extensive manpower. Even though the brand value and its market presence are important to understand the brand’s equity, one should keep in mind that they were achieved only through effective and efficient manpower. After all, the key to a good business is held by its people, or in this case – “The employees

The Perils of Employee Mismanagement & Employee Tracking Apps Android

Remember Tom from the sales department who takes up 90% of the team’s targets? He could have been a star performer for your company but instead, he is just a pawn in the larger team despite his herculean efforts. This could reflect in his more sales and could possibly end up looking for a better opportunity elsewhere. This is one of the most prime examples of Employee mismanagement and the consequences that arise from it. 

We hear you, this is not a one-man task, but there can be a one-stop solution for all your employee mismanagement problems – Try an android employee tracking app! 

What is an Employee Tracking App?

An android sales employee tracking app tracking provides accurate and in-depth information on the team’s performance, overall well-being and productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, and its value. As said earlier, Time tracking can be your one-stop solution and here are a few ways that a time tracking software system can help with your man-management needs and probably more. 

Improved Productivity:

Competition is good, and it’s even sweeter when it’s going to help reflect on your financial papers. An android employee tracking app provides accurate levels of productivities for each employee in every team. The ability to track productivity helps the crew to focus more and compete with each other to keep up with the targets and what is expected of them. This would thereby increase their productivity and efficiency in due time.

One of the salient features of having an android employee tracking app like Happisales embedded into your company is the transparency to your crew’s everyday tasks and activities. Tracking the progress of your workforce is one of the ways to help plug in the bottlenecks in productivity and strive towards a one lined goal together.

Regularised And Efficient Workflow

Every business has a chain of tasks and workflow that are scheduled as everyday objectives. The ability for these departments to work efficiently communicating smoothly with each other is one of the primary requisites for a good business, especially when it is in the production lines. The app keeps tabs on the workload assigned to the crew in these departments and would also give an insight on the works in progress and works completed, helping departments plan ahead and work together cleanly. 

Refined & Cost Effective Task Management

At this point, it should be no surprise that with all the information provided by the field sales tracking app, managers and people at higher hierarchy would be able to identify and cut down cost thirsty areas. This would help entities realize the saturation points of investments and would look to churn out maximum outputs with minimal costs incurred. The best possible formula for a successful business!

Identification Of Topline Performers

Remember the time when we spoke about TOM? This is pretty much it. The ability to identify top-line performers with the android field force automation solution provides the platform to appreciate and compensate for their efforts and services in their line of work. This would not only allow them to perform better but would also bring a sense of competition to the others raising the bar a bit higher than before.

This may not sound as good  a point to look into, but there are some real good reasons why you should take time to identify and look after your top performers. The number of successful tasks completed, the conversion rates of your sales personnel, ranking your crew based on their income generations are a few ways wherein android employee tracking apps can help you identify and celebrate your top line performers.

Better Quotes And Billing Oversights

Sometimes, businesses function differently where their costs are at times calculated on a timely basis. Wages for white-collar workers or outsourced variable costs calculated on timely hours. Tracking cost per hour through the time tracking system would help the management understand the incurred costs to the last decimal. This would give the upper hand to quote a better price – which would help them acquire new projects or sell their products at a reasonable yet profitable price.

And that is our list for the starters. There are plenty more where they came from, but it wouldn’t be fair to move on until you experience the above mentioned benefits first hand. If you are currently on the lookout for an android employee tracking app , try a demo – HappiSales your one stop destination for all your employee tracking needs!

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