Affordable Tools for Field Sales Performance Management

Entrepreneurship is exciting, but only when it is profitable. So, it comes as no surprise that if you don’t have customers driving your sales, you won’t have much of a company, but even if you do have customers, it will be difficult if you don’t have capable field force automation tools to help you along the way. You need the right technology if you want to maximise the performance of your sales team. 

Affordable & Necessary Tools that will enhance field sales performance:

Here is a list of tools that you can use to improve your field sales performance.

  1. Communication/Conferencing tools

Prior to the emergence of digital marketing, we had to meet prospective customers physically, in person to present demos, but nowadays there are many ways you can do this, without having to travel or move out of your office. Such tools are a great solution for issues due to video/web conferencing. It can also double up as an efficient field force automation solution. Sales tools that feature easy-to-use video conferencing tools make the field service management software more authentic and efficient.

  1. Navigating sales – emails, sales updates for customers and prospects 

The best way to increase sales on the global market will be to use tools that aid in navigating the sales process. You can create a buzz about your services/products and enhance revenue when it is incorporated into the field force automation solution. You can use it to decide which products to promote in the market and what services to continue providing. Some features of such a tool include sending/receiving emails, getting personalised lead recommendations, real-time sales updates, among others.

  1. Lead management 

With this unique queue-based prioritization of prospects and leads, you can eliminate the need to manage contacts lists manually. The lead that is most likely to be converted is routed to the agent that is available immediately for quick processing and possible closing. By automating the lead management process, you can ensure your field sales agents interact with two to three times more prospects per day, thereby increasing the efficiency of the field force automation tool.

  1. Determining opportunities

For proper management of your sales, you need field service management software. Some additional features may include email tracking, account scoring, opportunity scoring, predictive forecast, sales communications, and lead and accounting scoring. 

  1. Forecasting sales

By using sales forecasting software, companies can predict growth and gain deeper insights. When managers see trends in data, they can come up with effective strategies and take the appropriate steps to grow their business. The purpose of sales forecasting tools is to assist businesses in gaining better insight into their future through quantitative measures based on their past data. It evaluates historical business trends to estimate future sales and you can do this by incorporating this feature into the field force tracking solution.

  1. Proposal writing tools

Using proposal writing tools, you can create some impressive sales proposals and differentiate yourself from companies that continue to make proposals in MS Word or other such tools. With proposal writing tools, you can create incredible proposals and store them in the cloud for access later and easy sharing, thus saving time. Some features that such tools can offer include electronic signatures, easy tracking of the sales pipeline, etc. Such features can be incorporated in a single tool or can be used separately with your field force management software. With these, you can improve how your business functions and make things highly efficient. One such tool is Happisales and you might want to schedule a demo today to check it out! 

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